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March 31, 2005



Great minds think alike, dearie! Glad the hag showed herself and that you have some definitive info for the RE. Monday is a fresh start and we WILL get this done, by jove!
*boot to the ute* &
*smoooooooooooch* (for the dice of course, DUH!)


I love the positive 'tude. I hope the RE helps you and that you'll be preggers (and stay preggers) in no time! I'm pulling for you girl!


You know -- I knew you would see the bright side. Despite being woken at 6am (welcome to my world!!). I think if you had to get AF -- this is a good time. She will be over just in time to see the RE. It's not too late to start Clomid or whatever. A fresh start to a fresh perspective to TTC? Just trying to be Polyanna 2!



That ol' hag better enjoy this visit 'cause things are going to change very quickly here!

Can't wait to hear how the RE appt goes. Good luck!


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