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April 05, 2005



Awww, I know how you feel, Jen. Although it took "just" 14 cycles to get pg with Elle, when we started the whole infertility testing thing it felt so odd. On the one hand, I was relieved to be finally doing SOMETHING but on the other hand it was overwhelming because it was just another beginning not quite an "ending." Like it was "for real" now. If that makes any sense. Having a diagnosis really stung (unexplained secondary infertility) too. Even when I was pregnant and I saw it on my records it made me cry and I was about to have a baby! I'm excited for you though and hope your journey from here is short!



It's always comforting to have a great doctor that you can trust. Sending you a big hug of support! :)


Jen, your doctor sounds really cool and very proactive. I think it's great he's getting started so quickly. When we had our bout with IF tests and treatments, it seemed like the doctors couldn't care less if it happened or not. And it sounds like you've got someone very optimistic on your side. That's truly a blessing.

Good luck through all the testing. I had a couple done, so I'll help where I can. But you've got my hugs and support through all of it. I'm praying for you!


Kim C.

Jen, it sounds like you are working with a GREAT doctor! I have/had PCOS and it's definitely something you can work with and still get pg. I had endometriosis AND PCOS and still managed to get pg, so you can too! I'll keep thinking good thoughts for ya!!


It will happen I know it will. Sounds like you have a good team working for you!
((((HUGS)))) I'm glad Miss Emily did good she is getting so big!!

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