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April 19, 2005



OMG! Awesome news! Doesn't things always happen that way?! You guys still better try, ya never know!


P.S. Does Jeremy know you took a pic of his specimen cup? hehe, Rob would KILL me!


Jen, I am SO happy for you :)


OMG the night we conceived Elle we had to make a similar choice. It couldn't have been timed worse, we had our post-coital early the next morning. My loving husband advised me that it was one or the other (he had a big meeting the next day and didn't feel he could "produce" twice - fucker). I decided to go for what was behind door number 1 and we went for it. The post coital was going to have to wait. Guess what, it's still waiting. We got preggo! A freaking miracle.

I hope the same for you, my friend!

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