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April 05, 2005



I had two done and to be honest there is just a tiny bit of cramping. My doctor recommended taking some type of pain reliever before the procedure but I forgot and did ok.
When are you having it done?


Amanda C.

Hi! I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, but I'm really bad about posting comments. I thought I would now since I've had an HSG myself.

Like Carmajo, I forgot to take something before hand as well. I didn't even think of it til I was laying on the table! My HSG was not that bad at all. I had myself so worked up about it and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to not be as big of a deal. I think the most uncomfortable thing for me was when they had my put my legs down straight to take the Xray pictures and you still have a speculum stuck inside of you. It didn't hurt, just was kinda creepy. I had a bit of cramping once the procedure was over. They had me lay there and I asked if I could pull my legs up and that helped a bit. I felt a little lightheaded when I sat up, but I think that is because of not eating breakfast and my nerves were still going. My mom had come with me since DH had to work and I was scared beforehand of not being able to drive. Turns out, I was driving the car about 20 mins after the procedure and we went out for lunch and did some Xmas shopping.

Some people have bad experiences with them, some don't. Luckily I was one that didn't have a problem with it!

Good Luck!


OK -- I had one about a year ago and I have to tell you it was NOTHING. If you had asked me beforehand -- the HSG I had with Sam was not fun (the flouro broke and they had to do it twice in the a thirty minute period with antiquated tools). But the cool thing is that they've DRASTICALLY changed the technology and the new technology (which probably has been in the U.S. a lot longer than Canada) is literally nothing.

Here's the full scoop. Take a couple of Advil before going. All it is now is a glorified pap. You lay on an x-ray table and they put in the speculum. Then they thread in this tiny, tiny catheter which is very flexible. With Sam it was a garden hose and the Dr. said NOBODY uses those anymore. I seriously didn't feel it. Then they inject the dye and I felt it but it certainly didn't hurt. It goes through in about 2 seconds and then you get up. I didn't even have any cramping this time. They also told me it usually doesn't hurt once you've had a baby:)

Good luck!


Kim C

Hey Jenn, It's Kim from the BIM board. I just wanted to say I've had a HSG and it was like a very intense internal. I have a tilted uterus, so it was quite painful for me. (Not sure if that's related or just cuz I had a mean nurse doing the procedure.) I just couldn't get myself to relax. I also wish I'd known to take pain meds prior to it tho too. Once the dye goes in there was some pain like cramping. It lasted maybe a minute or two. Like Jen said, once you've had a baby, hopefully it won't be as bad. I tried to concentrate on the screen to see the dye go thru my tubes, and that took my mind off it a little. I'll be thinking of ya tho.

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