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April 07, 2005



I thought the same when I started with a male RE and now a male OB/GYN and it does seem to be almost easier...tho they'll never understand the true understatement of their 'this will hurt just a little' words. THE FOOLS! LOL Oh and the word you're looking for is speculum...and yes, it is a tool of death! One procedure down, how many to go? YOU CAN DO IT, YES YOU CAN!!!


I believe the word you're looking for is speculum. It sounds every bit as awful as it is, hehe.

I'm glad the procedure gave you some good news! But that cramping that comes with that kind of stuff is horrible. A little cramping? Hm, how would you like a little kick in the groin, buddy?

What's the next step in the testing and such? I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

BTW, I LOVE those Brazilian BBQs. The few times I've gone, I've thought "Man, I wish I had a bigger appetite!"


Well that just doesn't sound pleasant. I had never heard of an SHG before.

I don't know about that test but you have three months of increased fertility after an HSG. Just thought I'd add that.



Hey, I'd never heard of an SHG either. I'm glad it went well! Hugs.

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