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May 27, 2005



Yippee!!! I'm so excited for you that all looks well. Continued prayers for a puke-filled pregnancy. OK not the entire pregnancy but you know, just the first tri to keep things interesting. :)

So, hey, when are we going to get some baby colors up in this motha'? Maybe a few little hearts. Something. Afterall, that ute has been very good!

Love the new name.


It may even be time to go back to one blog, because you no longer have to see living your life and TTC as two separate realities!


PUKE PUKE PUKE!! Glad to hear you're still miserable b/c that means things are progressing nicely. I am eagerly looking forward to you being able to tackle both blogs again but understand completely the arse whooping you're geting over there! *HUGS* Take care! CALL ME!!


Sounds like things are progressing well!! I am so sorry and also so happy that you are puking your guts out. Just as it should be! Isn't it neat to be dealing with "normal"?!


I can't WAIT to hear the results of tomorrow's ultrasound as I just know it will be good news! You are still in our prayers, daily, sweetie!! *HUGE HUGS*

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