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July 20, 2005



Oh honey! Sorry it was such a crappy day.


Hate me if you will but BWAHAHAHAH...now that I'm done with that I can honestly say I'm sorry that happened to you and I too hope you never have to meet that Dr in person! *HUGS* I hope those nightlies ease up soon! *~HEALTHY VIBES~* for all of you!


Oh man....... sorry about your crappy day. Miss you. Thinking of you.


More, more, more......we want to hear more about your pregnancy! How are you doing? feeling any better?


Oh Jennifer...I am laughing and crying for you! I know it was not funny at the time. How awful. Definitely scared you, for sure. But I bet you'll be laughing later. (((Jennifer)))


LOL, aren't the little quirks of pregnancy great? I used to have to cross my legs while puking so I didn't wet myself. I hope the pukies are done soon. I Love those u/s pictures! She's going to be a beauty!

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