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Friday, May 29, 2009


bethany actually

Awesome! I may have to adopt this tradition too. :-)


I wonder if that would work on Bug. Probably not.

still embarrassed over parts of this story

I tried this with Annalie on the way home yesterday. We had gone to the park with Burger King, and on the way home she asked me about her toy which I realized I had accidentally thrown away with the trash. She was so upset that when we passed another park I asked if she wanted to speed slide. She was intrigued enough to stop crying! I explained the concept, and she was excited but then there was a dog wandering around the park so she was scared to go by herself. I got out of the car and walked with her over to the playground where she climbed up and slid down a slide, then turned around to go back up. I called out to her, "No, the whole idea with speed sliding is you only slide once as fast as you can, then go back to the car!"

She turned and trudged over to me saying, "Aw, what's the point if I can only go down once?!"

I had to laugh. Maybe she's not old enough, or maybe speed sliding works better with some personalities than others! We did talk on the way home about how it was better to go to the park for one speed slide than to not go at all, but I'm not sure she was convinced! :-)

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