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Saturday, June 27, 2009



I live with a ghost now and we rent - not aggressive, not even bothersome, but he's around. Only gives me the heebie jeebies when I'm in the shower and feel like I'm being watched....

bethany actually

I don't believe in ghosts in the haunted-house sense, so...yes. :-)


GOOD question. I say buy it.


I would!


Nope. Not me. I already get the heebie jeebies enough without ghosts!


I would NOT. Especially if it's a confirmed case. Sounds like some dead person has some unfinished business. Yiykes!


Ummm...I'm going with no b/c if you know it's there, whether it is or not, you will create experiences. Plus, while it's not aggressive to one family, it might be to might not like kids, men, turtles. :) Why do you ask?


yes i would.


Hmmmmm, tough question. An apartment we lived in was haunted, even though we never talked about it when we lived there. Nothing too strange, just plates moving across the counter, things being moved around and from time to time, I would see a figure in our kitchen at night. It freaking me out enough to move to another unit and I never saw someone stay in the old apartment for more than a few months. With kids, I don't think I would do it. And NO, I am not crazy, the apartment really was haunted.


Very curious for more info about the house and the ghost...


Yes, I would:)


I would totally buy it. How interesting to live with a ghost. Good conversation starter over coffee at least ;-)


I might buy it. It depends on who is haunting it. Who are they? Why are they there still? Are they benign? How do they manifest? Do they get along with kids & pets? Kind of like with any new possible roommate, I need to know who I am living with first.


I would get the house in a heartbeat. Who cares about a non-agressive ghost? Perfect houses that are affordable don't come along very often


Oh hell no! ;)

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