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Saturday, June 20, 2009


bethany actually

Kids tend to do that, say such crazy, mind-blowing things in such a casual way...I think it's because they don't really understand what they're saying, they are just trying it out to see how it sounds.

(To make you laugh: Annalie cheerfully announced in the car the other day to me, Troy and my mom, "I'm growing every day, and so is my v*gina! I'm getting bigger and my v*gina is getting bigger, and one day it'll be really HAIRY and then I'll be a grown-up lady." Then she asked if she could have a piece of gum. I think the adults all busted a gut trying not to crack up, lest Annalie realize she was saying something slightly outrageous and decide to tell us more about her growing v*gina. :-) It was freaking hilarious.



Kids sure have a way of rocking us to our core, huh? Their wisdom can be unnerving sometimes. I think you handled it just right!


Here's one of the latest from Felicity, age 3: "Mommy, I really don't like myself." "You don't? Why not?" "Oh, never mind, I guess that I do like myself." Huh?


I noticed Anna says alot of things she fully does not understand.
We have already had the talk about what the femanine products are used for under the sink. I explained my monthly visitor and she said "gross!" Luckily I did not have to go into too much detail.


UGH! I often wonder what happens inside their little minds to make them say the things they say. I have been brought to a screeching hault on more than one occasion by the thoughts of my bear and bug!

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