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Thursday, July 09, 2009



1. I did not even realize you were still blogging. Yay.

2. Am I weird that I don't think that's too picky for a Subway order?

3. OMG I love Emily. Too funny!!

bethany actually

You think THAT is picky? I'd hate to see your reaction when I go to Subway then! Besides, that's the whole point of Subway, that you can get your sandwich made however you like! I'm siding with Jeremy on this one. ;-)


Uh, I could say that's a little picky, however, my husband HATES phoning in orders to our local delivery for me. Why? I want things LAYERED a certain way, I want tomatoes SLICED thinly, I want lettuce on the side, mayo on the side, and such. LOL.

Emily is so cute! That IS how most deaf people order. I know, because I am deaf. She's SMART too to know such a thing!

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