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Friday, February 01, 2008



Um? Ok?


I have enjoyed reading your blog and hope that you will find some time to post once in a while over at March Mommas again we miss you there.

Good luck with everything.


Total Complete BUMMER! Best wishes to ya!


nah...just post when you can. If it's once a month, every other month, so what? At least you're still connected. Please, don't go! (But DO let go of the's poison, that)


You will be missed.....:(


I had noticed that you were getting fewer and fewer comments, and was wondering if that would eventually discourage you from posting. Rest assured that while I do not post comments very often, I have your blog bookmarked and come here at least twice a day to see if you've posted any updates. Maybe you can give yourself permission to only post when it feels right, instead of out of obligation. Or you can post more pictures and fewer words, if you feel like it takes too much time/effort to post entire updates. But I fear that if you shut down this blog entirely, I'll lose touch with you (because you don't keep in touch with me any other way, not because I wouldn't be willing to do so), and I definitely don't want to do that!


I am with Gigi! I also check your blog, but don't comment. Just post when you can...


NO Jen, don't go!! I love reading your blog!! Please STAY!!

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