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Saturday, February 16, 2008



Oh Jenn what a beautiful post. I am so glad that Emily is doing so well making friends and having playdates. I am sure it makes all the troubles that you all went through when she was younger all worth it.

Alex is very popular at school but I can't picture him ever going on a playdate I am so glad that Emily can do that.

I pray that Emily's body will adjust to the meds and that her weight gain is not to extreme and that it can be kept somewhat under control.
p.s. I am so glad that you are continuing to post I enjoy hearing about your family and adventures.


I am so happy to hear that Emily is adjusting well and making friends so easily.
I think you and Jeremy made the perfect decision for Emily. I sure wish we could pop over for a playdate. :(



I am so glad to hear Emily is doing so well!!! Go, Emily!!!!!


Just letting you know that I'm still checking your blog daily (and sometimes more than daily)....

Love, Gigi

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