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Friday, October 30, 2009



Awww...I missed all of this. Stupid work.

Happy birthday, though. :)


bethany actually

So, how did Emily do today? I assume since you made it all the way to 15 minutes before the party that you were able to go, and she was able to be at the party? I certainly hope so! I am sorry it was such a rough day, and that you didn't get to come down and play with us today. :-( We missed you! We are talking about doing something in the Sticks with Brenda's mom and SIL soon, so we will keep you posted about that, maybe you guys can join us!

I hope things are better tomorrow.


Wow,, so, so, so hard! I don't have any words of advice for you, as I've never had to put any of my children on medication like this. But if the strict disciplining worked, then maybe that's what she needs right now. I'm just so sorry that you (and she) are going through this at all. Big hugs.


Wow, Jen, guess I am wayyyy behind on your blog. So, so sorry for what Emily is going through, and you too. I had a ton of anxiety in Elementary School and am just now realizing it. Good for you for getting Emily the help she needs. Being on meds myself, I know how some people like to give you their opinion on the topic when they know nothing about it. I am actually starting to see some of these traits in Carter and it worries me. Big Hugs!

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