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Monday, November 23, 2009



"the organized person in my head" - I have one of those too! And boy is she struggling to be heard.

I keep her quiet with chocolate :)

Have fun and relax much in Tahoe!


What a beautifully written post. Have a great trip
and safe travels!

bethany actually

What a fantastic idea! I might steal this post and do it on my blog.

For now I'll just say, I'm thankful for YOU, who lives too far away for me to see as often as I'd like; who is always ready to share her unique take on the world or participate in a cookie swap at the drop of a hat; who mothers her three beautiful girls with such good humor and love and grace that I am humbled and determined to be a better mom to my one.

I'm so grateful the internet allowed us to be friends! :-)


This wasn't here when I checked yesterday, so after seeing on FB that you were going out of town, I came here to see if you'd posted, which I should have done before I asked on FB. Silly me. Anyway, have a great time! (And takes lots of pictures so that you can share them with us when you get back.)


I am thankful to have met you and your wonderful family even if it was only a handful of times.
You are a wonderful friend, I wish I had more time to chat with you. I visit your webpages daily...OCD part of me.
I hope that one day we can meet again, in-person...and pick up where we left off.


I LOVE this post! So would it be presumptuous of me to think I'm the "commune" lady? Because I so would want you at mine! xo

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