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Monday, December 07, 2009



I think everyone has little lies they tell their kids - and then those kids grow up and tell the same lies to their kids. Think of all the drawn out irrational arguments you would have to deal with otherwise.

I love the dry leaves one, that is HILARIOUS! The dad gave us the stink eye - hehehehe I think it would fall more into the 'learning to be a smart ass' category for me. And oh are my kids becoming smart asses...

The getting sucked down the tub drain one - Carus used to insist on getting out of the tub before pulling the drain so she wouldn't get sucked down. And then she discovered showers and now will spend 30 minutes in there before the threats of us dumping ice cold water on her will get her out...the teenage years are going to be fun!


We used the drain one to get my brother out of the tub when he was little.

Shawn's favorite is the dry leaves, because a fisherman never reveals his secret.

We all lie to our kids somehow some way. Think about it, Easter, Christmas, Tooth Fairy, that we'll cancel our trip to wherever if they don't straighten up.

Becca - we routinely flush the toilet on Rapunzel. A 11 1/2 year old does not need to take a 45 minute shower.




Okay, feel free to delete as this is a bit racy. When I was seven, a little boy at school (also only seven) asked me to give him a certain... something. You look back and wonder what on earth he was being exposed to in his life. Anyway, I went home and asked my mum what this was, and she told me it was something you got at the hairdresser, and not to think about it.


hahahahhhahah! K's mom is sharp!


Every 'lie' my hubby tells ends with bloodshed. Stop doing that or your hands/legs/head/tongue/fingers/fill-in-the-blank will fall off and you'll bleed all over. Seriously, even the kids will ask where the blood is when he randomly doesn't throw it in there. I avoid lies...I never answer Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy questions directly b/c I won't have it come back to bite me. I don't tell them one way or the other and usually send them to ask their father, b/c "daddy knows more details than I do." LOL

Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be giving you a stink eye for lying to your kids. Commencing with ~*~stink eye*~* Do you feel adequately chastised or shall I keep it up? Ok, but I only have 2 more minutes to do this and I need to go....*eyebrow up*
Ok, I gotta do some laundry, you'll have to chastise yourself now. *HUGS*

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You don't know if this would be frowned upon by others. Maybe not. you just know it works for you and hopefully, when the girls grow up you can LAUGH, about all the lies you told them.

bethany actually

I just re-read this post and you know what's funny? To me, it's exhausting to make up stories! I would a thousand times rather explain logic to little kids all day long than have to make up fairy stories about dry leaves for bait and tongues turning black. :-) So of course I get a kid who loves loves loves it when I make up silly stories and games for her. She appreciates the logic too, because she is Troy's and my kid, after all, but when I tell silly stories instead of logicking her she laughs and laughs.


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